People ask why do we use Twitter? Twitter is a social networking channel that allows you to raise awareness and promote your brand. It predominately relies on a form of communication known as ‘micro-blogging’ and it allows individuals to blog in short bursts by posting 280 character messages. This tactic is referred to as ‘microblogging’. The optimum ‘tweet’ should include an:

  • Image
  • Hashtag
  • Strategic message
  • Call to action (link to website)

If you find the link is quite long and you wish to reduce the number of characters you use view a great link to shortening your urls to use on social media.

O2 London

How effective can this form of microblogging be?

A casestudy.

Defero Consultancy manage Twitter accounts for businesses. A couple of years ago we were managing an account centred around the Rugby World Cup. The company O2 one of the leading suppliers of mobile phones, broadband and SIM cards were running a campaign centred around the England Red Roses theme. Hashtag #weartherose

Defero engaged in a conversation with them on Twitter on behalf of our client and we both started microblogging and tweeting. This conversation carried on for a few days. We were really getting into the ‘swing of things’ using common Rugby phrases and themes, ‘bring home’ ‘Swing low sweet charity’ etc. To our surprise we received a tweet from O2 and there in all it’s glory was the image of the company logo projected on the dome of the O2 Arena in London alongside the England Rugby Rose and the words #weartherose The tweet contained the words ‘You’ve done your bit and now we’ll do ours’

The image was there for all to see and it was initiated by a Twitter conversation and using the hashtag. Needless to say the business along with was overjoyed with response. The amount of “FREE’ publicity the tweet had generated was priceless and if you were to budget for this type of PR it would have run into thousands of pounds. It’s true what they say ….

Use the hashtag – join the conversation and don’t be a silent observer.


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