In this digital era, Social Media for Business is a ‘must-do’ remember your customers are using social media and so are your competitors. So why do business owners and companies place so much emphasis on social media?

Below I have listed 5 great reasons why businesses utilise and apply social media:

  • A great opportunity to cultivate your brand
  • A great way to engage, influence, and participate with clients
  • A great platform to deliver brilliant Customer Service
  • A great asset to your how you approach an SEO Strategy
  • A great way of creating referral networks and relationships

Businesses in every market are constantly utilising Social Media to influence reach and engage with their audiences. Effective Social Media can also be used to promote products and services, increase market share and brand reach, and act as an aid to gaining a position of authority in your prospective market.

Social media for business gives you instant access to positive or negative feedback which provides you with valuable insights on the customer viewpoint. For example, if you launch a new product and share it on social media, you will instantly learn what your customers think of it. Another way to gain customer perspective with social media is by learning how they use your product.

Leads can also be generated through many major social networking sites. For example, Twitter is highly effective for this, particularly in B2B sectors. It can help you to attract more customers, who you can attract by providing a personal touch. It is also a great way for creating meaningful relationships with your customers. For example, social media allows you to create a business dialogue about your brand and therefore creating relationships with customers before, during, and after they have bought your products. It can also induce brand loyalty. This kind of social media dialogue between brands and customers is something traditional advertising will never achieve.

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