Christmas, Tactics, Hints and Tips

With Christmas on the horizon, it is topical and appropriate to mention Marketing& PR Tactics for the season. In fact, I suppose you could categorise them into Christmas Past, Present, and Future.

Looking back over the past few months have you identified what has worked for your business and what has been tried and tested in previous years? Did you discoverwhat marketing and PR tactics have worked and which didn’t? Which are you going to make a significant part of your 2019 and future marketing campaigns

  • Communicate urgency and catered to for last-minute shoppers. A prime example of this type of tactic was ‘Black Friday’. An excellent marketing campaign to urge people to buy.
  • Start sending Christmas e-card to clients and customers and be inventive – send a message they will remember. Although we are in the digital era people still like to receive traditional Xmas cards in the post.
  • Traditional New Year cards are an extension of the Xmas period and your customers will have them displayed long after the 12th day re-iterating your message and showcasingyour brand.

PR Suggestions for Christmas Present

Start a seasonal countdown for 12 bargains of Christmas’ SMS messaging and posting onto your Social Media Channels.

Start using # hashtags with a Christmas theme.

Begin posting exclusive January sales preview alerts.

Initiate PR campaigns with gift suggestions and promos bespoke to your business. For example, Advent Calendars are festive and fun and an excellent way to raise awareness of your brand. Your customers will be reminded of your products everyday throughput the Christmas period. An ideal opportunity to promote your brand and display your messages for nearly a month. 

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