Email marketing is economically worthwhile and one of the most effective and marketing tools available to a small business. Utilisation is free and the results can be extremely favourable. With email marketing you have the control. You have your own network and you own the database. You can also continue to build an increasingly significant email database of your contacts to produce a valuable asset. This can also prove to be more cost effective than buying one from email list brokers.

Always remember when compiling the database you will require permission and ask for your contacts email address or it can be regarded as spam. Always gain permission and email relevant information to enable your contacts to share and allow your list to grow in size and value. Secondly ensure you have a form on your website for any subscriber to join. Ensure it is easy to read and in a prominent position on the site. When asking people to subscribe only ask for their name and email address as every piece of requested information can act as a deterrent and reduce your sign up enquiries.

Always ensure your contacts and prospects know that you will never pass on their email details to third parties. You can build on readership by following this approach and letting subscribers know they are in honest hands,

Be selective when you send emails and newsletters and only message at a minimum of every 2 weeks. Remember people don’t want to be inundated with information. If you send relevant information at optimum intervals in between emails, subscribers will actually look forward to receiving your communication.

Always ask your subscribers to pass onto their contacts as this is a way of ensuring your messages reach a wider audience. If your content is relevant and good they will. The content can be used to educate, inform, show best practice and give valuable tips on how to achieve success. Creating valuable, fascinating and captivating copy can aid turning prospects into long term supporters of your emails and newsletters.

Always include a message along the lines of:  “if you have received this email from a colleague please subscribe to our database to receive future mailings” and include a link to the sign up page or form.

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