Choosing a domain name is comparable to selecting a name for your organisation, it requires a lot of attention, inspiration and consideration. Your domain name is your unique identity and distinctiveness on the web. You need to ensure you choose a name that is relevant to your business, and is also uncomplicated to identify and promote. Your web developer can offer assistance with the domain name and include as part of their package or … you can choose and register a domain yourself

7 things to bear in mind when choosing a domain name are:

  1. Make it memorable and relevant. Choose a domain that is relevant to your business and easy to remember.
  2. Make it catchy and short. Lengthy domain names can lead to clients misspelling, making errors and typos. Always try to keep it simple and relatively brief and concise.
  3. Use a country specific top level domain (TLD) to attract and add appeal to a local audience. Generic TLDs such as .COM are the most universally accepted and popular of domain names however,these TLDs are the most valuable ones to secure. If your target market is local it is also advantageous to register alongside the more generic .com, .net, and .org
  4. Using different suffixes can also help to promote your brand and there are so many available to date. There has been a recent explosion of suffixes to add to websites and as long as they are relevant to your brand they are useful to buy. For example .sport, .insurance, .office, .shop
  5. The use of ‘Keywords’ in your domain name. Keywords can be beneficial and can aid users and search engines to identify and establish what your site is about from the beginning.
  6. Buy multiple domain names to prevent others and your competitors from purchasing them. You don’t need a separate website,you can redirect your secondary domains to point to the primary website.
  7. If you have a global business or export consider registering a country-specific domain.This will allow your business an online presence in each country you do business in. It also gives the option of deploying a regionally tailored version of the website to those domains.
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