Adding new and informative content to your website can aid SEO and builds web traffic. Being consistent with your blog posts can generate more leads and blogging can also add trust and cultivates relationships with current and future clients and suppliers. Bearing this in mind we produced hints and tips for writing an effective blog.

Top tip 1

Focus on keeping the title under 70 characters so it doesn’t get cut off in search engine results. 8-12 words optimum length for title to get the most Twitter shares on average. Include a primary key phrase and something actionable to increase click through rates

Top Tip 2

Length of a blog should be minimum 300 words. Optimum length 400- 1,000 words. A good rule of thumb is that your blog posts should take no longer than ten minutes to read.

Check out for FAQ and answers for blog writing

Top Tip 3

Use images, videos, block quotes, charts and infographics to break up large bodies of text and give viewers multiple pieces of your content to share and comment on.

Top Tip 4

Use bullets, sub-headings, bold and italic text and quotation marks to create a good reading experience for your visitors.

Top Tip 5

Use a call to action at the end of every post to increase engagement – especially if you’re looking to get more comments, shares or inquiries from your posts.

Top Tip 6

Use other websites to feature your blog and appear as a guest blogger to raise awareness for your own product or service.

Top Tip 7

Treat your readers like your customers. Respond to every comment, and encourage readers to participate in your blog discussions to increase reader involvement.

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